About Ayumi Asian Beauty

Welcome to our online K-beauty store!
We launched Ayumi Asian Beauty to make K-beauty more accessible in Europe, especially in Portugal. We aim to provide a wide variety of amazing quality products within every budget, so each one of you can easily find something to help achieve that healthy/glass skin.
We believe in the ethos of asian skincare, focus on achieving long-term results for healthy skin by using gentle, high-quality and effective ingredients. 
Meaning of the name Ayumi
The name of Japanese origin Ayumi has several meanings and that depends on the way it is written through kanji, characters of the Japanese language. Among the possible meanings are:
“Asian beauty reason” (亜由美) - combines the words “asia, reason and beauty”.
*love your skin* 
If you are new to the asian beauty community or don't know where to start, we got you! We offer free skincare advice and want to help you set up a skincare routine that is suitable for you and your skin. You can reach out to us though a dm on instagram, tiktok or via e-mail. We try to respond as quick as possible.
Let's be happy together!